Your contribution to the Cultural Heritage Garden at Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery will enable the Lone Fir Cemetery Foundation to build the Cultural Heritage Garden, honor and sustain the memories of those who came before us, and enhance a Portland treasure for all to experience. We are building and strengthening a link to our past that will help us put today’s challenges in historical context. Your support draws attention to—and creates new and much-needed understanding and acceptance of—two historically segregated groups whose stories and experiences are vital to the history and culture of the Portland region.

We will create a serene space for personal reflection and enrichment, a quiet refuge from busy urban surroundings, a spiritual and natural sanctuary within a dense city neighborhood. When we are successful, the Cultural Heritage Garden will stir a sense of pride in the community, draw new visitors to experience the wonders of the cemetery, and ultimately create a lasting legacy of interest and support for Lone Fir and our history.

Cemetery lightThe diverse team working to create the Cultural Heritage Garden is collaborating with government agencies to identify and secure the funding that will be needed to bring our vision to life. The campaign has set a $3 million goal for the creation of the Cultural Heritage Garden. We seek to raise funds from foundations, public agencies, local businesses, and individuals from Portland and beyond who value preserving the Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery, remembering and acknowledging our city’s rich history, and improving our community’s educational resources and green spaces.

We can’t succeed without your help. Invest in the Cultural Heritage Garden today to create a new landmark that will interpret and preserve our past for generations yet to come.